Hair gone wild

Put Your Shoulders On...

yes the 80's are officially back

Pre-Fall 2009 Chloé

Spring 2009 Couture Givenchy Runway

Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear BCBG

Balmain F2009RTW

80's makeup and hairdo's are here to stay though I wished they would've never left The Bangles music videos.

How do you feel about this?


Anonymous said...

Balmain shoulders were the best in my opinion,
Thanks for putting a link on our web site. Im gonna put up yours too.

essenceanddesire said...

Wow, very inspiring blog, I love the image of the head! and I love Chloé and Balmain too!

Thank you very much for your comments and your link, I added you to my links.


Phone with a Cord said...

yes I am very resistant to this 80s comeback. A little inspiration here and there is good, but the big linebacker shoulder pads? no, I hope not! :)